About CareerPlus

Career Plus is an online Job bank for Undergraduates of University of Moratuwa.For the first time in Sri Lankan Unversity history, University of Moratuwa presents 'CareerPlus', an on-line job bank exclusively for the students of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. CareerPlus is a result of a dream of the Career Guidance Unit of University of Moratuwa, to offer students and corporate entities an opprtunity to maintain a mutually benefitial relationship on a common web platform.

The University of Moratuwa has been the preferred choice of students opting for higher studies in the discipline of technology education and the main reason has been the proven track record of the high employability of its graduates. This has led to a 'branded' image of its graduates in the minds of the public of the country. To retain this coveted leading position, University of Moratuwa has consistently strived to upgrade the attributes of its graduates in order to surpass the expectations of the Industry.
The objective of the Career Guidance Unit (CGU) is to assist the undergraduates in pursuing courses which can guide them in choosing a suitable career and reach standards matching the potential employer's requirements. To this end, the CGU collaborates with the Academic Departments, Student Societies and Other Units (such as Student Welfare, Student Counseling, Industrial Training, etc.) within the university in their activities and initiatives. The CGU provides its services to the Faculties of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology of the University. It has also provided potential employers with support services to recruit undergraduates for employment.
The present goals and objectives of the University of Moratuwa are focused on our positioning in global ranking to raise the level of student attributes in order to produce globally competitive and world class graduates. Obviously it is a challenge to sustain the quality of graduates given the increased intake of student numbers.
CGU usually conducts a number of short duration programs on various aspects of career throughout the year. These are aimed at increasing the aspect of soft skills in e.g. personality development, leadership qualities, communication and presentation skills etc. We also provide students opportunities for pragmatic training e.g. writing an effective CV, facing interviews etc to help in building self confidence and in preparation to undertake progressive steps towards entering the corporate sector.
Career Guidance activities are steered under the guidance of Career Guidance Advisory Board (CGAB).